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Waffle the Kinky Teddy Pup Bear (with Removeable Pup Hood)


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Introducing the cutest little kinky teddy pup bear you’ve ever seen! This is Waffle, a long standing member of our community. He comes with its own bondage gear and is ready for some pup play! Even bears can join in pupping out, and this bear loves to show off his hood and muzzle. He’s seen it all, and well versed in your spicy moments. Walk him around on a leash that attaches to his collar and hold onto him by his harness.

Send Waffle your way and be ready to scoop him up for cuddles after his mighty journey to your doorstep. He’s a great companion to enter your life, or as a sentimental gift to your favorite bear (pun intended) or kinky pup! Made out of polyester, Waffle is soft and cuddly and does anything you tell him too! All leather is vegan and his pup gear is neoprene – just like yours! See, he’s the real deal. He keeps himself clean, but you can lick him (spot clean him) as needed.

Waffle’s Measurements: Overall: 9 inches Long x 7.3 inches Wide x 5.5 inches Deep.

Materials: Polyester, vegan leather, Neoprene, ABS plastic, metal

Color: Brown, black, red

Note: Not intended for children.

Key Features:

  • Cute and cuddly: Waffle is perfect for cuddling up with and loves to give some warmth after your big day or a chill night in!
  • Kinky Gift: He’s a great companion to enter your life, or as a sentimental gift to your favorite bear (pun intended) or kinky pup!
  • Pup Gear: Waffle has a removable hood and muzzle.
  • Bondage Gear: Like you, Waffle likes his gear. He comes to your doorstep with a harness, collar, and leash.

Credits: Model in photo: Fionnthecat on X/Twitter
Waffle can also be found under: pup bear with removeable muzzle and hood

Love Waffle? (the teddy in the picture) See Waffle’s new merch range with more ways to adore this cute teddy, including Waffle themed T-shirts in common puppy hood colors to match YOUR gear!


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